Magazzini Mediterranei

is born from a personal story that becomes a professional one 


Carmine e Gabriella

are a couple in life and in business since 1982. Carmine has a volcanic personality , always thinking out of the box. Gabriella is simply : “less is more”!! 

The fusion of these two souls

so different from each other, has created Through the years, all the projects and the goals attained , and namely women’s and men’s clothing collections. Their knowledge in fashion design has expanded into other design sectors as interior design creating  printed textile  wall coverings. 

The long time experience

has extended to collaborations with Japan, Germany and most recently with United States .They have presented the new t-shirt Luxury line  in California , at the FMNC (Fashion Market Northern California)   and this line will also be available in Italy in the next season S/S 2018. Last but not  least……they are present in Rome with their main lab-store where they create and test all their projects …..and with a new store opening in Naples soon!